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Continuum of Care Committee

The Continuum of Care Committee assesses the effectiveness of care strategies based on previous priority setting and resource allocations. The committee often collaborates with the Priorities – Needs Assessment Joint Committee and the Evaluation Committee. Together, these committees use data and recommend directives for use in the priority setting process, as well as any changes to standards of care.

The responsibilities of the Continuum of Care Committee include, but are not limited to:

  • Overseeing the development of the three year Comprehensive Plan for HIV/AIDS service delivery;
  • Seeking methods and strategies using the CARE Act and other funding mechanisms for coordinating service delivery, addressing disparities in care, filling service gaps, and reducing unmet needs of special populations – especially racial and ethnic minorities; and
  • Exploring models to enhance HIV/AIDS service delivery.

For more information about the committees and caucuses, please read the Greater Hartford Ryan White Planning Council By-Laws.