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Positive Empowerment Committee

The Positive Empowerment Committee, also known as the PEC, serves as the link between the HIV/AIDS community and the Planning Council. This committee provides a space for consumers to come together, discuss the unique issues that affect them, and determine how to use those experiences to improve how the Planning Council assesses needs  and keeps those infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS in care. Furthermore, PEC ensures that the community is aware of the Council, its work, and the availability of Ryan White services.

The responsibilities of the Positive Empowerment Committee include, but are not limited to:

  • Seeking input from consumers on needed and desired services;
  • Recruiting consumers to participate in needs assessment activities, such as surveys, focus groups, key informant interviews, and satisfaction surveys; and
  • Serving as mentors to new consumer Planning Council members;

We need your voice! If you are a consumer and interested in joining the Planning Council, please download and complete our Membership Application which can be found:


For more information about the committees and caucuses, please read the Greater Hartford Ryan White Planning Council By-Laws.