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About Us

The Greater Hartford Ryan White Part A Planning Council unites our funders, healthcare providers, and people living with HIV/AIDS under a common goal: to help those with HIV and AIDS improve their health and the quality of their lives. Here are the Towns in the Ryan White Part A TGA.

The Planning Council is mandated by the federal government to identify gaps in HIV care and services as well as allocate Ryan White funds to establish a comprehensive continuum of care for persons with HIV/AIDS.  To do this, the Council conducts needs assessments and focus groups to identify consumer needs. This information, along with other data, is used to set priorities and allocations for the use of federal Ryan White grant funds to provide needed HIV services in the three counties that comprise the Greater Hartford Transitional Grant Area (TGA): Hartford, Tolland, and Middlesex counties.

The Planning Council meets once a month, typically on the first Wednesday of every month. The Council also has five (5) standing committees and two minority caucuses. Most committees and caucuses meet monthly. All meetings are open to the public. Please join us!